Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Tyvek Meeting

Meeting 11/16/2005
Tonight's meeting was for torturing Tyvek. That wonderful, weird stuff that some mailing envelopes and other "tough" stuff is made of. Not a paper and not a fabric, it does really cool things when heated.
Our turnout tonight was small. It was very cold, windy and snowy - ugh! But we did great things!
Attendance: Barb Dinneweth, Deb Harowitz, Linda Johnson

We had too much fun torturing more than just Tyvek. Fabrics of all kinds from our stashes were given the "heat" treatment for some really amazing results! We used a heat gun - my favorite torture device, and a stencil cutting tool. Very like a wood burning tool or soldering iron, all will work as well. Most important lesson we learned? It's stinks! Work with good ventilation.

Barb Dinneweth is also cutting and sewing Tyvek to fabric to be abused for the sake of art! It's thanks to Barb (an art teacher) and the Imlay City Middle School that we have such a perfect art classroom for our meetings most of the year.

Linda Johnson is having waaayyyyy too much fun with this. Who knew being destructive could be so much fun?

My creation for the night. While it may not be art - it was a good experiment. Painted and melted Tyvek, scraps of hand dyed cotton, fabric paint, machine stitching, black silk noil. Very fun!

Deb H

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