Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 2006 Meeting - Altered Books!

Last night's meeting was great fun. One of our new members; Debra Groth
gave a program on the art of Altered Books. This seems like such a good way to do frequent creativity excersises to me. An Altered Book is definately and art form and it lends itself to fabric as well as paper. Since it (at least mine) is going to be an on-going project, I hope to use it as a creativity booster, not unlike The Artist's Way morning pages.

Here is my Start;
by Deb H

Linda J has just been to
Alaska so that was her focus.

And Sandy O must have
been hankering for a
cup of tea!!

They are all a good start but we have miles to go yet!

We have also decided to work on a Mission Statement for our group and several of us are going off to Fabrications next week.

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