Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Feb '07 Meeting - Dyeing!

We decided we needed a dye day to play with some MX dye stocks left over from other projects. MX is a fiber reactive dye for cellulose fibers (cotton, rayon, linen, etc) and after it's been in a dyestock solution for several days it loses it's ability to "react". But the experts tell us it can still be used as an acid dye (acid dyes are used on protein fibers such as wool and silk). So.... we are testing this concept!

Linda J is dyeing roving for spinning. Linda K's roving is in the foreground.

The fibers we are dyeing have been soaking in an acid (citric acid) solution to bring their pH down to 5.0. We can then paint our dye stock solution on the fibers and nuke them in a microwave (very carefully, can't set the building on fire!) to set the colors.

Debra G is painting sock yarn.

Right, Kay S is painting yarn and wool fabric.

Margot L painted lace - yum!

Right, Howard - I mean Linda K has her roving ready for the microwave.

Sandy G is painting silk dupioni!

Stay tuned next month (ish) for the results of our ground breaking and art-world shattering experiments!
Respectfully Submitted - Deb H

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