Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Time Warp

I think there is a time warp that effects this Blog. It seems like I just posted and when I check, it's been months. I need Hermione's Time Turner ;o)

February was a fun dye day but, no one had a camera - oops! Here is some of what I did, I took photos later at home; my laundry room with rinsed yarns and one piece of silk noil, drying.

Some warp I dyed the same night, being wound.

A close-up of my favorite yarn for the night; a Ball of Tofutsie sock yarn that I dyed in my usual palette of teal, green, and purple. Yum!

Barb D did a skein of orange marbled sock yarn that was delicious, I wish I'd gotten a picture!

March was a lesson in color theory. Barb did a great job of explaining the basic principles of color theory, Kay learned a lot!

And then we played with water colors to practice the concepts.

April was a lesson in Abstracting an Image by me. I hope that my audience found the subject as worthwhile as I do. It has so much design potential and don't you just love computers for this?? Here is a couple of examples of quick-and-dirty abstracts via filters in Adobe PhotoShop; the original photo I took of a plant with cool purple leaves.

Same photo with a "notepaper" filter applied by the program.

Same photo with a "palette knife" filter applied and then a "liquefy" distortion on top of that.

Cool, huh? And such great potential as an art tool.

May was playing with monoprinting. Now, that was fun! I was so busy that I only took a few photos but, here is Linda J's two pieces. She did multiple layers of printing on hers.

Here is Margot L pulling a print.

Here are a few of my efforts, a budding Picasso, aye?

And here is Kay S, she is our super achiever. Dang, girl!

The June meeting will find us at the library as school is out for the summer (or will be by then). The program is undetermined as of yet, but it will be fun :o)

Deb H

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