Thursday, February 19, 2009

September and November, 2008 Meetings

A quick catch-up! We had a good meeting in September; Fall was in the air and Barb D. taught us how to do Right Angle Weave, a beading technique. It's very cool and produces a beaded fabric that is very fluid and drapy. We didn't get a lot done as it's time consuming but a wonderful way to embellish! As you can see in the photo at right, Margot was riveted by Barb's demo!

November was fun too - in spite of the snow. We played with a image transfer technique that we learned at Fabrications in October. You simply draw on a piece of Pellon Tear-Away with water soluable oil pastels or crayons and them squeegy some gel medium through the Tear-Away to transfer it like a silk screen.

You can get about 3 or 4 prints from one drawing before it becomes too light/faded. The gel medium leaves it stiff and a bit plastic feeling but it's wonderful for collage work. The photo at left is a print by Link K. this will make a great background for some creative collage building.

Barb D has an MFA and teaches art at a middle school. I tell you this so you know she is not timid about using her art materials. All my prints were too pastel and too "empty". I need to pay attention to how Barb just dives in and "goes for it". The following two photos are of her "screens" and her prints.

Show & Tell was fun too!
Linda K had another one of her bags. She has a new one every month and has earned the title "Bag lady". Here is her Tiger Purse.

More later.... Deb H

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