Wednesday, September 12, 2007

August Meeting!

Our last summer meeting was August 15th at the library. In September we will meet at the school in our marvelous art classroom! The agenda for Setember is not finalized yet, but it will be geat!
So, for August we had a lesson on some of the elements of design. Cathy A led us through a few eye opening exercises. The first one was to draw a posed figure without looking at our paper in 10 seconds. I will NOT post my results of that exercise. They were hugely funky and not in a good way :oP"""""
Next we sectioned off our paper into six boxes and crated lines to express certain concepts or emotions. <--- From top left to bottom right they were; feminine, overheated (I could relate to this one, sigh), angry, cheerful, masuline, and relaxed. Here are the results of my efforts.

Next, we did the same type of thing using color. ---> Our words were; fresh, tired, energized, slow, road trip, and Birthday. Here is my 20 second rendition.

Lastley, we divided our page into three sections and cut up magazines. We pasted images we liked into the three sections and then decided the emotions the mini collages brought to mind. <--- Here is my cut-and-paste. It was great fun (felt like grade school :o) and I learned that my "art language" is definately COLOR, as opposed to line or image, to create a feeling in my work.

We all had such different results, I should have remembered my camera so I could post others work. It was very revealing and I'm off to do some more, there is always more to learn!
I have managed to update our meeting dates on the side bar. Come join us if you are close!
Until next month! Deb H

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